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This is a single release of Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session, since the latest EP [Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 4]has released in February, 2021.
"Footsteps in the Dark" by the Isley Brothers, a group that at one time included Jimi Hendrix and is now known as a sampling source for many hip-hop and R&B artists due to the appeal of their music, is performed with an electric nylon guitar reminiscent of Earl Klugh and Tommy Guerrero. The cover is a mellow interplay of electric nylon guitar, Roland's vintage DR-55 rhythm box, congas, and other percussion. The soft tone and cheerful improvisational nature of the guitar track gives a warm impression, reminiscent of the smooth jazz, fusion, and obscure rare grooves of the past.
*Total Eclipse
An original TTGS-style rockin' instrumental with kitschy exoticism and retro Latin, garage, and 60s flavors guitar tone. The beat is an amplified version of a gamelan, a traditional Indonesian music ensemble, with impressive loops and Acetone rhythm ace the 60s rhythm boxes.

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  • Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session

    Teppei Takahashi is a guitarist, composer in Tokyo who played the band " Cai" for 1999-2005 and plays as a composer, bassist, guitarist of kowloon from 2006-. Both bands have played mainly in Japan, released some EPs and albums from indie and major label. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session plays not only session with others but his solo oriented project with the hollow-body electric, electric nylon guitar, a combo amp, some effects and a sampler. The sound is making from his own guitar tone influenced by various genre of pop, blues, jazz, experimental and ethnic music. And also he is extending his style to minimal ambient dub tracks. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 1 EP released in Nov, 2016. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 2 EP released in July, 2017. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 3 EP released in May, 2018. Teppei Takahashi's Gumbo Session 4 EP released in Feb, 2021.

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