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Takui Nakajima's second independent "FOLLOW YOUR DREAM" punkish tune and boldly bagpipe arrangements create a ancient Scottish trad inspired. You can feel Takui's powerful will to seek further acceleration from the rhythm and speed of the song, and you can imagine the hot excitement in the gig and the message titled "Keep chasing your dream."

Recording Musicians : Guitar . you (Nicori Light Tours / ex.Janne Da Arc), Bass . Ju-ken, Drums . SHINGO (THE TERROR'S 666 / ex.JURASSIC)

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  • Takui Nakajima

    Takui Nakajima, Born 19th October, 1978, rised in Fukuoka prefecture. Japanese rock artist, singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer, arranger. debut on October 21, 1999. Since then, Takui Nakajima has been developing music activities based on live performances. As a composer, he has provided a wide range of music and is supported by a wide range of artists. He is active in many fields, such as having a column serialisation triggered by his hobby of visiting castles. Independent on April 1, 2022. Established FOR ROOTS Co., Ltd.

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