MissCarat Rin&Mikune

  1. Your diamond (Rin&Mikune)
  2. Happy Days (Rin&Mikune)
  3. In The Sky (Rin&Mikune)
  4. Fireworks and summer love with you (Rin&Mikune)
  5. Full Swing Girls (Rin&Mikune)
  6. Snowman parade (Rin&Mikune)
  7. Fall Into The Summer (Rin&Mikune)
  8. New World Of dawn (Rin&Mikune)
  9. Violence I want to love (Rin&Mikune)
  10. Midnight hero (Rin&Mikune)
  11. sweet tea time (Rin&Mikune)

It is the first album that MissCarat's re-recording and recording of all 11 songs announced from 2014 to 2019 when it was active.


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