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The first album produced by To Be Acoustic (TBA). Based on world music such as slack guitar and bossa nova, it features a comfortable acoustic sound full of originality with vocals and chorus.
Guest players include Jouji Sawada (Shoro Club, BASS), Kentaro Kihara (PIANO), Masayuki Numai (PIANO), etc. Grammy-nominated engineers and Stan Katayama worked on everything from recording to mixing. In addition, natural sound recorder Joe Okuda visits Shimanto River, Hawaii, etc. to deliver a pure and natural world to the heart of the listener by combining it with the superb natural sound with a sense of realism by special recording using dummy head You.
Based on the concept of LOHAS (Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability), which has been spotlighted as a lifestyle that loves health and nature, this album turns your living room into a simple, natural space.

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