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Nukazuke Paradise

Nukazuke Dansh i& Nukazuke Joshi

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プロデュースはBLU-SWING、16-BIT Generatorのベーシスト蓮池真治で、今回「ぬか漬け男子&ぬか漬け女子」というプロジェクトを立ち上げ、サックスプレイヤー中沢舞を迎え制作された楽曲である。

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Nukazuke Paradise

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  • Nukazuke Dansh i& Nukazuke Joshi

    A project by Shinji Hasuike, bassist of BLU-SWING and 16-BIT Generator. The unit was born to love the food called "Nukazuke" and to appeal to the public. The unit creates songs with pop melodies, lyrics filled with the goodness of Nukazuke, and catchy dance moves that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults. They will continue to carry out various activities to spread the traditional Japanese food "Nukazuke" in the future.

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