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The day the hunter first went hunting alone in the mountains,
He met a big and beautiful Japanese wolf called "King of the Mountains".
One winter night, a hunter goes looking for his wife, who goes out for shopping over the mountains and never returns.
However, what He witnessed there was the appearance of a wife who was covered by the "King of the Mountains" and shed blood.
When a hunter who forgets himself in anger shoots and kills the "King of the Mountains",
What appeared there was the ghost of the "King of the Mountains" who protects the mountains of Japan.

-The video work is now available on youtube!-

Hunter role: Satoshi Kishida,
Wife/daughter role: Mizuki Inada,
Music: Shintaro Inada,
Screenplay / Video: Yukina Mizushima,
Cover illustration: Misako Fujiwara

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Protopia Musical Records