ONE (Wanna be a love)

  1. ONE (Wanna be a love)
  2. All of my heart
  3. Samurai Love
  4. From Here -Starting Over-
  5. First love to goal
  6. You are the one
  7. Never give up
  8. Winning for freedom

This love song album is set girls like story of love on words theme.
Everyone is falling in love in this album.
It has big scale with beauty melody on rock taste that is very hottest heart on this summer as composed well.
So many of titles of Grandcross and Love Ballad is written for a lover on future so that all of listener can't falling in love to listen for music.


The recovery of destiny's line across the holizontal average line is Big Cross as Groundcross by started on 2000. He write so many of songs by Nobuyoshi Kurosawa to be born as Groundcross. It's all performed, all composed and all written for publishing his nose. He named for Nobuyoshi Kurosawa to set him Dr. G. Vo. Key(sequence). on pop rock road added all genre sounds as being concept to make plan. His originally sound make sense is both major and minor scale to go on by.

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