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A 4 track split EP by MYY. and Gargle. After several shows played together, including a joint tour in Taiwan, the 2 bands came together to start working on the split EP.
In addition to original tracks by each band, the EP sees the 2 bands cover each other's music.
The finely crafted collection of uplifting and introspective soundscapes feature tranquil and roaring sequences that makes the split EP feel like a single art piece.
The album artwork was provided by O'ruka who had previously provided artwork for MYY.'s first album that was released in 2019.

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Snow Bell

Spotify • 静寂と黄昏 • 29 Apr 2020

Artist Profile

  • MYY.

    MYY. (*pronounced "miː", the period is a part of the band name) is a bassless instrumental band based in Tokyo, Japan, formed by the guitarist and composer Hiroshi Kambara.

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  • Gargle

    Instrumental duo from Tokyo. Gargle's sound exceeds common genre classifications such as post-rock and post-classical music. Layering the light and dark sounds of instruments such as the guitar, accordion, and piano, their compositions transmit a vivid story with a touch of melancholy. Performing regularly in the Tokyo area, the duo also toured France (2011, 2019), Spain (2011), and Taiwan (2020). In 2012, the album Glow in the Gloom was released on Fluttery Records. A collaboration album with Bosques de mi Mente (Spain) was also released on Fluttery Records in the fall of 2013 and its Japanese edition was released through Dewfall Records in 2014. In 2018, In the summer of 2018, the album Wading in Shallow Waters was released on the same labels.

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