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A song that prioritizes speed over everything else.

In Japan, when it comes to lyrics and beats, it is generally accepted that ``nekashi'' is correct.
Sometimes I don't entrust the commandments of life to my normal self the next morning.

I tried to make it all at once, with the motto of making the coffee as long as possible before it gets cold, so as not to lose its flavor due to time or freshness.

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    A lower-class MC and MPC track maker on the Edo River. His style is the innocence of Hiyori Sakurada, interspersed with the danger of glasswork, and at times he manipulates light like Claude Monet. Sea from land, Kazehaya with bright red eyes, one person who smokes behind the supermarket, Dope Specialist who specializes in Edogawa river rafting, and a long excuse for bad ex-girlfriends. With nostalgic piano lines and sentimental words, Jitsu no Ana compilation and boost compilation, DJ June sound source collection, TMCS judge, participation in Kannon Creation "Shinpaku", DJ IKIPEDIA's "Street Tellers". Participated in WAZGOGG's "Sentence". Appearance at POETRY FES sponsored by LOW HIGH WHO?, a poetry and music festival drawn by wonderboy. At WALK THIS WAY hosted by Mr. PON, who is active as a stage director, Hannya, RADIOTS, and Yonseikyu served as O.A. In the media, he appeared on the Japanese rap program Rappu Jikan. Co-starring with track makers such as MICHITA, Kannon Creation, Hoenma, DJ Jun, Laugh, WAZGOGG, EQu yakko, Yuhoho, Kaonashi, SHIBAO, yodaka, Kuwanoha, TAKUMI M, and PEACE residents. In terms of rappers, MC Kuya, Meiso, Kitsunebi, Soramawa, KAKU, Gakudan Hitori, SALPHA, ANCELL, GOMESS, Daichi Hidaka, Umezu, C4, Toushiro, DEG, RYOTA MATSUZAWA, and other MCs. . It features a wide range of music styles from H love like I's to underground.

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