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  • S.C.L.S.

    S.C.L.S. is a music group composed of an unspecified number of people centered on the core members of DJ kg, Shibaken, Yuina, Yuutan. A machine live set of the unit "DubRize" that incorporates theremin and didgeridoo and deep dub-wise improvises such as techno, hip-hop and reggae is also being developed. In parallel, he also produced music, and since 2017, has released sound sources constantly, including providing music to SOA compilation albums. He hates scheduled harmony and aims to construct a space with intuitive and accidental sounds. In search of a groove to be spun at that moment and moment, he conducts nightly experiments with equipment. Not only music events, but also hosting of subculture events such as joint photo exhibitions, club event information for transmitting club event information, for releasing and host club event information, etc. Is operating.

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