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Masatomo Nakazawa and Koji Kasuya of the unit, the 10th anniversary theme song of the Project One-Size "One more Smile". 10 years Podcasting the (Internet radio) to the main shaft. The two think that has continued to grow through a variety of planning, will be followed from now on, the song that was loaded with hope for the more smile full of the future. Lyrics is, Koji Kasuya, which is also the unit presided over. Composer, Shun Kanzaki that there is also a lot of experience in the music provided to the Japanese Idle.

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  • Project One-Size

    Voice actor Masatomo Nakazawa and Masayuki Hirai, Japanese Albino Entertainer Koji Kasuya, an entertainment unit formed in autumn 2006 by three people. Continue to discover, nurture and disseminate individual personality and characters through event appearance and blog planning, with the main axis of internet radio (podcast) delivering talk programs and audio dramas.

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