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These songs were written by Kackey@dabigtree who is singer, composer and djembe player from Osaka, Japan.
Regarding a song "Letter to you", Japanese performers in Osaka, Tokyo, New York and Macau made the online story "another world connection" by using ZOOM in May, 2020. Kackey recorded this song "Letter to you" for the story as an ending song. This song is for his sons, theirs kids in the future and actually himself. Letter to you means "letter to me".

Regarding a song "IDATEN", this is the love song that has a story that we have a festival in our town tonight. So I am running to pick my honey up with my sweet feeling like a Idaten after work.
Idaten is a protector God of Buddhist temple. The running speed of Idaten is very fast.

Regarding a song "Baron the Moon", he put the spiritual daydream when he was walking in the forest into the music. You can see the his world through it.

Regarding a song "KOIGOKORO -Love song-", the tropical lovers song was written while visiting in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan.
You can feel the wind and atmosphere in Okinawa form the song.

Music, arrangement, lyric, vocal, chorus, guitar, Djembe, recording and Jacket design : Kackey@dabigtree

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Letter to you

iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Italy • TOP 35 • 23 Oct 2020

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  • Kackey@dabigtree

    Singer/Djembe Player/Composer/ Born in Osaka Japan in June 10th, 1978. He is a djembe-singer who sings while playing the African drum djembe and His performance is organic music that expresses nature elements such as the Earth, the Sun and the ocean, influenced by music of African, Gospel, Reggae, Okinawa, Rock and native song. In 1997, he became a rock band vocalist and started to compose music with PC. In 2003, he saw the djembe in a musical instruments shop in Osaka at first, and then he got a vision in his future at the moment he beat it. This was his beginning as a djembe singer. He has performed music live in Taiwan, South Korea and Australia after having his style as a djembe-singer. His djembe performance is influenced from the grooves for Japanese traditional performing Noh and Kyogen and the Japanese festival rather than the traditional African music. He plays concert mainly in Osaka and Kobe Japan with music instrument players such as guitar, piano, Okinawa Sanshin, Erhu, voice percussion and dancers such as belly, hula and contemporary.

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