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A refreshing melody line that is somewhat familiar to the ear, and a deeply felt, sincere wish... This is yu-u's debut song, which was played as the ending theme for the Los Angeles broadcasting station JATV's program "JATV NEWS" from October 2006, and attracted inquiries from many Japanese people living in L.A.

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  • yu-u

    yu-u is a Japanese singer-songwriter and crystal bowl artist, therapist, and radio personality. After moving to Tokyo, I started performing at restaurant bars. I sang "Nagoriyuki" at an audition. That caught the attention of record companies, and in 2006 I made my major label debut as a singer-songwriter from overseas. In the album, Shozo Ise, the original author of "Nagoriyuki", played guitar and recorded a cover, completing "Nagoriyuki" spun from a pure singing voice. After that, I came across a crystal bowl and was attracted to its charm, so I started working on music therapy. As a crystal bowl artist, my desire to pursue healing became strong, and I obtained various qualifications as a therapist, and conceived a new music combined with crystal bowls.

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