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This is the beautiful instrumental rock that Russia made.
This is the limited to digital lead single from the upcoming 4th album 'Falls Feather' of Jet Plane, the post-rock band who represent Russia. It's been four years since the second album and the first worldwide released debut album 'Loud to Sleep' featuring bagpipes, violin, and glockenspiel. Two years since the third album which Takahiro Kido (Anoice) and KASHIWA Daisuke joined as the mixing/mastering engineers. Jet Plane have created a new high purity instrumental rock sound by innovating music such as ambient, hardcore, progressive rock, and neo-classical.
Take in the perfectly clear winter sound with your whole body.

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  • Jet Plane

    Jet Plane are a Russian post-rock band, formed in 2009 in Bryansk. The band consists of Sergey Sapunov (Guitar), Max Berezko (Guitar), Igor Zyuzko (Piano, Bagpipes, Violin), Konstantin Kiselev (Bass) and Dima Bulavintsev (Drums). The band compose lengthy instrumental tracks, which excel at exposing strings-based drama behind post-rock crescendos and emotions. Jet Plane released 4 LPs ('All The Static Stars' 2012, 'Loud To Sleep' 2014, 'Pipe Dream' 2016, 'Falls Feather' 2018) and EP ('Shelled' 2010). Basically instrumental rock music, but you can find elements of progressive, neoclassic and trip-hop music enframed by the piano, violin and bagpipes. But it's not about the genres or desire to express something special in each tune - every listener is free to imagine whatever they are willing to hear in the music. That's why there're no vocals, which you have to get used to at first, and it contributes a lot to the freedom of perception. Jet Plane is something cosmic with a little of Eastern scent and a shade of calm sorrow, resonant and melancholic, and warm like a summer breeze, imperceptibly recognizable and familiar in the heart of hearts.

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