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The song "INORI" entrusted to Naoco Hamasaki by Hitomk, real name Hitomi Kuramoto, who died suddenly in May 2021.
It soaks into the listener's heart and gently wraps it up.
And it will gently watch over you.
Music & Lyrics by Hitomi Kuramoto
Vocal : Naoco Hmasaki
Piano : Yoko Hiromoto
Erhu : Yuiran Oyama
Backing Vocal : hitomk
Programming : Akira Horie
Arrangement : Akira Horie / hitomk

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iTunes Store • World TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 3 • 9 Feb 2022

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  • Naoco Hamasaki

    Naoco Hamasaki Naoco Hamasaki is the lead singer of the Japanese rock band,"Replica". On her first online release as a solo artist ,she accompanies herself soulfully on her guitar. This track has been recorded in one single take -spontaneous and organic, just the way she likes it. Her warm ,velvet-like voice will gently envelop the listener ,and at times, will even reach down to that place of nostalgia ,touching those deep, bitter -sweet emotions from the past

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