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Japanese elementary schoolers interacted with the children of Nepal and Jordan, and experienced the connection with the world around them. In a class held over the span of a year, with the theme "To eradicate "Unrelated" within this world", as a culmination, we delivered their own words and melody as music, to those in a foreign nation.

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    We, at WORLD FESTIVAL, conducted a special class during the integrated learning period of Tokyo's North-district Fukuro Elementary school, to a total of 70 six-graders. With the full-year theme of [To eradicate the "Unrelated" in this world], through interactions and creating with children overseas involving visuals and music, it was a class that played an active role in bringing the importance of connecting with one another. Nepal and Jordan were chosen as the interaction and creative partners, and upon interaction, the thoughts and feelings, messages were conveyed into a melody and lyrics of their own and delivered to the children of another country. This was the intent all along.

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