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"keep walking, listen" for violin and piano.
Commissioned by FirstFourNotes, LLC and performed in cooperation with Ensemble Free JAPAN.
The theme develops from a motif of the first four coherent note-forms or intervals. It is in three parts with a relaxed middle section and then returns to the recapitulation section.
The music and the title reflect the hope that the work will be enjoyed by a wide range of people, who will be able to enjoy the music and the positive feelings that accompany it.

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Keep walking, listen

iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 10 • 3 Feb 2024

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  • Ayana Tsujita

    Ayana TSUJITA Composer | Orchestrator I am engaged in creating contemporary instrumental music that explores various acoustic instruments and expands the way we listen to music. My contemporary musical compositions, inspired by legendary creatures and animation techniques, have been performed by renowned orchestras such as the Geidai Philharmonia, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. These performances have also been featured on NHK-FM's "Modern Music." In recent years, I have been contributing music video works to TV Tokyo's children's program "Shinapushu," and I continue to promote a wide range of musical enjoyment through acoustic instruments. I graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Art High School and went on to complete my Bachelor's in Composition at the Tokyo University of the Arts, followed by a Master's in Composition from the same institution. In 2013, Ataka Prize (2013),The Music Competition of Japan (finalist & Iwatani Prize) (2014), Akutagawa Award for Music Composition (finalist)(2015)

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