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Funky and powerful, motivational and funky, with exotic flavors at its core. A killer tune packed with dance tracks! It's Operation Smile World! Not at all suitable for listening to at home, this is a painfully danceable single to go out and listen to loudly! Katsuya Mouri and ZUNDOKO ROPPONGI's menacing super unit, DaNINKS, will be performing at the end of the year. The long-awaited single will be released on the new VASTA RECORDS (What'suppp Entertainment) label!

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    DaNINKS" is a super DJ unit of Katsuya Mouri and ZUNDOKO ROPPONGI. VASTA RECORDS (What'suppp Entertainment)" label He started his career as an artist with a grand plan called "Operation World Smile". Sometimes cool, sometimes silly! His track making is centered on keeping a smile on his face. Listen loud! You can dance painfully! Motivation! The company is currently releasing funky and powerful dance tracks. 2020 / 8 1st single "Painful! Zundoko Daisakusen - GOLDEN BOMBER ed. 2020/12/11 m-flo loves chelmico "RUN AWAYS" Remix Contest for DaNINKS Remix 2021 / 3 2nd single "Genkotsu Ojisan(Fist Man) 2021 / 5 3rd single "Airport Terminal2021 / 7 4th single [Chai cheese feat.Calros Machan