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The Sequel to a Dream

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"The Sequel to a Dream" is the first record as a duo.
On "Aster" and "Voice of the Night", Kanon and Haru explored new sounds with instruments they had rarely used as a band, such as the piano and the synthesizer, resulting in more complex sounds.
They also explored new expressions in re-recording "After the Rain" and "Future" which they released when they were elementary school students.
Now that Kanon and Haru are high school students, Accént is becoming mature.
This record is filled with possibilities for their bright future.

Artist Profile

  • Accént

    Accént, which is active in Tokyo and Saitama, is a girls unit of high school students. They have won numerous awards and their performance skills are guaranteed. Kanon(Gt.&Vo.) is versatile with a variety of instruments. Haru(Ba.&Cho.) spells lyrical words. The songs they create contain life-size messages that receive strong sympathy from people of the same generation.

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