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Santara, an iconic acoustic unit that just celebrated its 20th anniversary since its major debut.
A surprising cover to send!

It was performed on "Shiokoji Shiori Tamai Shiori x Sakazaki Konosuke's Odaiba Folk Village" broadcast in January 2024.
Santara's Momoiro Clover Z cover became a hot topic and was quickly released as a distribution-only single.
The innocent girl power of Momoiro Clover Z's early masterpiece "Mirai e Susume!"
While respecting the message, it is arranged in a Santara style.
Guitar and vocals roll over a minimal rhythm track.
It is finished with an adult taste, ``Recommended for the future!''
A must-listen not only for momoclo fans, but also for folk, classic rock, and Americana fans!

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    Formed in Kyoto in 1999. Lone male and female unit. Major debut in the 2004 single "Vanilla". They were influenced by roots music, folky or bluesy songwriting, The performance that makes you feel the beat even though it is a minimal formation with only acoustic guitar and singing has become a hot topic. The lyrics "write like you're making a movie" Not only in the music world, but also enthusiastically supported by fans of other genres such as animation, movies, and theater, Now, more than 20 years after its formation, there are many artists and creators who profess to be Santara fans.

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