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It's been about a year since the previous work, "MOON LIGHT". Vanishing's long-awaited new song release, this work is produced with the most emphasis on the melody line in the history of Vanishing, and it is a work that makes you feel a new Vanishing different from the songs so far.
Everyone runs toward dreams, goals, and answers to pursue in various environments. Although the style of the song has changed by spelling such a thing in the lyrics, the content is similar to "Wild Horse" which can be said to be the representative song of Vanishing.
This song is for everyone who keeps running at this moment.

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iTunes Store • Punk TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 15 May 2021 iTunes Store • Alternative TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 72 • 15 May 2021 Apple Music • Punk Top Songs • Sweden • TOP 153 • 6 Sep 2022

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