Love Yourself (2019 version) -528Hz Peaceful Piano-

  1. Love Yourself (2019 version) -528Hz Peaceful Piano-

A truly happy life begins with loving yourself.
The good and the bad are all in you.
This music has a wish for you to love yourself, past and future.


Yuusuke also tunes instruments at C = 528Hz (A = about 444Hz).

528Hz is a frequency often used in healing music these days.

According to the book of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, it is described as one of the ancient "Solfeggio scales" that harmonize with the sun.

This frequency has the potential to repair DNA and is gaining worldwide attention as a healing-effective tuning.

Music that uses this tuning has a rich impression, especially when the high notes are bright, and has a pleasant, transparent and beautiful sounds.

The sound of 528Hz Haling Music guides human brain waves into alpha and theta waves, proving a deep relaxing effects,

In Japan, 528Hz Healing Music has been noticed since the 2011 earthquake and is gradually spreading.

Please experience the 528Hz world of beautiful and rich sounds.

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Love Yourself (2019 version) -528Hz Peaceful Piano-

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Composer and Pianist. Born in 1984.He started playing the piano at the age of 5, and began self-taught composition at the age of 13.Attracted by the healing power of music, he began making music with the theme of healing the hearts of people, including himself, and the richness of nature.Currently, he plays, provides music, teaches piano, and also designs and produces videos.Healing music albums composed by him are available on, APPLE MUSIC, Spotify, etc. In the movie -THE ROBOT REPAIRBOY (directed by Jukou Tanaka / 2021), he is the first to compose film scores and theme songs, co-starring with Akiyuki Murashima, Masato Anjou, and iyo.

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