If the rhythm of the taiko echoes in the moonlit night, it will dance naturally.
A song of such a fantastic worldview.

cawaful tornado

Debuted in February 2017. A group of 5 idols with the concept of "Idols who can sing anyway now". The major 1st single released in March 2019 is used as the ending theme of TV Asahi "musicru TV", and the 2nd single is used as the opening theme song of the movie currently being nationwide shown at AEON movie theaters. Also appeared in TOKYO IDOL FES and @ JAM EXPO. At the end of 2019, all tours will be sold out at Utsunomiya, Shizuoka, and Kyoto. The final group is a club that needs to be sold out at Club Citta in Kawasaki, and it's an important group to keep an eye on as it seems to jump out of the underground idol line.

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tokyo torico