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After announcing the CD release of their 3rd album "SUSTAiN", which will be available on Thursday, August 18th, 2022, AMANE TRiLL is releasing a refreshing shuffle-rock tune that fully embraces the emotional rock flavor of Yujin's roots. The approach of its English lyrics, strongly influenced by blues music, express the "conflicts" of people in the world situation and stressful society, creating a song that is truly a new challenge for AMANE TRiLL.

[Don't Keep Me Blind]
Written & Arranged by AMANE TRiLL

Vocal, Backing Vocal & E.Guitar:Yujin
A.Guitar & Backing Vocal:Masahiro
A.Piano & Organ:Kayo Tsuchiya
E.Bass:Zak Croxall
Drums & Shaker:Takuma Anzai
Other Instruments:AMANE TRiLL

Recording & Mixing Engineer:Mitsutaka Seki (MIXER'S LAB)
Assistant Engineer:Takuma Kase

Recorded at VoltaStudio, LAB recorders
Mastered by Ryuichi Tanaka (MIXER'S LAB)

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Don't Keep Me Blind

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Don't Keep Me Blind

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