Super Yacht School of Chigasaki

  1. Super Yacht School of Chigasaki

What is the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! The 5th bullet of the 6th consecutive month release of NYNYS, an activity unit limited to the Olympic year, is the fairy tale and crazy surf number of Uenov.


NYNYS, Uenov is made up of Maru to act as a shochu and to be active at Honda Ready, and this year's Chindon Sampling Duo is limiting the Olympics. Formed in response to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the activities of the Winter Olympics and World Cup were gradually planned to work or start a four-year period, but it is still increasing at wedding parties The request has appeared. Based on the range of music, the fun and high tension of the festival is crowded with events and most important sound features. Various uses of sampling, from breakbeats and rock and roll, to disco and noise surroundings. Free performance is one of the attractions of the audience if there is no difference between performers.

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