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The new song by TOMC, a beat and ambient producer active in Japan and abroad, is a stylish and emortional city funk/neo soul tune in collaboration with upcoming R&B/pop artist ISAFAT.

ISAFAT, who began playing the cello at the age of 3, is known for his ability to take charge of the entire process of writing lyrics, composing, trackmaking, and performing. For this single, ISAFAT updated the chords, replaced some parts with his playing, wrote the top line and entire lyric, and sang based on the track created by TOMC.

This song was mixed and mastered by TOMC himself, the sound design was created with a contemporary R&B pop sound in mind, akin to that of iri, rikon densetsu, etc.

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  • TOMC

    Beat & Ambient producer. He has released works on labels such as Inner Ocean Records in Canada and Local Visions in Japan. He has been expanding the listenership base both in Japan and abroad. Since 2020, his EP "Lunar Maria" has been #1 on the iTunes Japan chart and "Stories & Studies" has been #2. Since 2022, several songs including "Honesty (feat. arcomoon)" have been ranked on the Apple Music U.S. chart. His latest album, "True Life," released in 2023, has been called "the Nujabes 'Modal Soul' of the 2020s," and was selected as one of the best albums of the year by the music media Small Music, among others. In recent years, he has joined Stone Music, a collective of improvisers formed by Tokio Hasegawa (Taj Mahal Travelers). He also has a long career as a DJ of house, disco, and R&B music, and is active outside the boundaries of the music scene. With his extensive knowledge of both major and minor music, he contributes to web media such as Cyzo and Mikiki, as well as to record stores such as Kankyo Records and Disk Union. He has also made numerous media appearances, including on J-WAVE, Tokyo's largest radio station.

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    ISAFAT starts his activities in early 2023, and gets attention from early listeners. He is also selected by Spotify's global R&B playlist "mood." & "RADAR: Early Noise (JPN)".

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