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A sad summer love song made across Tokyo and LA.
A sad story of unfulfilled love with a partner who felt like finding a four-leaf clover among the clovers that bloomed all over.
The music video features Taishi Tamaki and Chikako Fukuyama, a couple who were filmed at LA and became a hot topic at "Terrace House".
They got married in the "Terrace House" program and then catastrophically, and the concept of this song and their actual romance are interwoven to create an emotional image.

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    Singer-songwriter. Appeared like a comet from the reggae scene and made a major debut with "THE PERFECT VISION". The album is a hit with 600,000 copies. Active as a composer and producer who can make music of all genres. Among them, he is famous as a master of making the music "Soca" into Japanese POPS, and he composed and produced "Shanana" and Shonan no Kaze "Suirenka", and spread the culture of turning towels to Japan with the songs. In August 2020, he will celebrate the 18th Anniversary of his debut, and on August 21st, the day of his debut, he will perform his first live performance without audience. In April 2021, a charity song "Good Good" produced by DJ YUTAKA, which was created to help Japan's poverty problem, was distributed. The song will be released simultaneously by rapper Shinpeita, SIMON JAP, featuring rap ver. And MINMI solo ver. Continuous digital distribution is planned for the 20th Anniversary of August 2022. Among them, the song "HANABI", a collaboration song with DOZAN11, also known as Miki Dozan, has been completed.

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