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Because you are you

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They moved! Chicken Nuggets' girlfriend's first mini-album sound source in 4 years is now available! The ultimate mini-album packed with rock sounds, dance sounds, and ballads. Take a look at the two who have started on a new path! 1. HEART JACK
Fusion of rock'n'roll and catchy pop sound.
A song that comically portrays a sad middle-aged man who is swayed by love.
2. who
A hard rock tune with deep bass, depicting the feelings of a man who sways between ideal and reality.
3.Dear you
A song written for you. Chicken nuggets ultimate love ballad.
4. Monochrome Rainbow
A song with an arrangement that has never been seen before.
Chicken Nuggets' first digital dance tune 5.Because you are you
A magnificent love ballad with a melody reminiscent of nostalgic UK rock and lyrics that combine tenderness and strength.

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