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"CHA KA PON" is the first single in advance of the up coming album scheduled for release this fall!
Continuing from the previous single, "Paddle out! Chocolatier -Is this love?-", the song was composed, arranged and produced by Etsuko Yamakawa, known for the J-pop duo Tohoku Shinkansen and lyrics by Keita Takayanagi, a screenwriter and filmmaker, and Yukako Niizuma, a singer-songwriter.
SAKUra is singing about her favorite SAMURAI along with a pop and ennui melody.

Composer/Arranger/Producer:Etsuko Yamakawa
Lyrics:Keita Takayanagi & Yukako Niizuma
Guitar:Gento Miyano
Engineer:Takuro Korenaga
Mastering engineer:Masaoki Moroishi (parasight mastering)
Vocal coach/vocal direction: Karen
Art Direction: Ryo Otsubo

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