Game soldier (from game nantoka)

  1. Game soldier (from game nantoka)

The opening song from 2020 of the podcast program "Game nantoka".
A chiptune sound reminiscent of a Game Boy sound source.


Kanagawa-born type AB The encounter in iOS of Garageband in late 2011 It came to me is devoted to the composer. At the same around the same time, chat and sound and games Podcasts, including the program "OtoHisashi" from there Began expanding the range of activities, music provision to other programs also can go to the aggressive, Currently it is also a member of the rock band "Animal c @ sters". Virtual music festival of HARU sponsored from 2013 "OtoHisashi festival" is held every year, gradually every year We have expanded the scale. Hard rock, but good at electro songs, We have done music production try to fence without wide range of music.

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