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This is the third single from SOSITE's current lineup, consisting of Misato (Gt./Vo.), Masahiro Komatsu (Dr./Bloodthirsty butchers/FOE/CRYPT CITY/ALLERGY), and bisshi (ex-PAELLAS).
The band's first work composed by bisshi has a heavy sound image, with the guitar is so distorted that chords are obscured, and a constant rhythm repeated by the bass and drums, expressing the universality that lies behind the ever-chaotic surface.
The somewhat warm roar and the vocals that seem to whisper in the air come together beautifully, and this is a song that makes one feel as if the depressive emotions of daily life are enveloped in a membrane of sound.

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    SOSITE are a three-piece alternative rock band based in Tokyo. Formed in Sapporo in 2005 by Misato, a guitarist and vocalist. In 2009, Dr. Masahiro Komatsu joined the band through a member change, moving the base to Tokyo. The duo released three albums and two split 7"'s as a duo band, which became a three-piece band in 2020 with the addition of bassist bisshi.

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