Many Troubles In The City

  1. Many Troubles In The City
  2. EMPTY

The debut work of 2015 by the young bassist Ryozo Obayashi is now available! Despite being an almost unknown newbie at the time, King of Diggin, who heard the demo sound source brought to the label, praised Mr. MURO, and it was a remarkable work that he bought the produce! Ryozo Obayashi, a 24-year-old young bassist who had many sessions focusing on the scenes of jam bands and funk bands, with Mr. MURO, who had long wanted to produce a live band. The debut work of Ryozo Band with the MURO Players, which was produced in accordance with both thoughts, is this edition.
First of all, "Many Troubles In The City" is a gorgeous upper funk number that MURO uses a wide range of personal connections to appoint first-class musicians as players and repeats rhythm arrangements and live sound sequence programming. ! It is definitely a world standard quality as a production of the current funk, and it is a song that knows the point of the spot you want to play even without Mr. MURO. Includes Ryozo Band's self-produced song "EMPTY". It has a simple structure in contrast to "Many Troubles In The City", and the slow and heavy adult low funk and mood are also outstanding.

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