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  • Masayuki Tsunematsu

    Masayuki Tsunematsu  Drums   Born in Sapporo, Japan.  In 2005, Masayuki studied at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.(Graduation and Return to Japan in 2006)   In 2007, Masayuki began his career as a drummer in Sapporo.    Masayuki started overseas activities from 2019.   In 2020,NIYA (Tsugaru-Shamisen) vs Masayuki Tsunematsu (drum) released single "COLOSSEUM" by digital distribution.   In addition, these activities are also introduced in media such as "The Walker's" main interview. ------------------------------ Masayuki Tsunematsu Batería Es de Sapporo, Japón. Masayuki estudió en Musicians Institute en Los Ángeles en 2005. (Se graduó y regresó a Sapporo en 2006.) Masayuki comenzó su carrera como baterista en Sapporo en 2007. Masayuki comenzó sus actividades en el extranjero a partir de 2019. NIYA(Tsugaru-Shamisen) y Masayuki Tsunematsu(batería) vendieron digital single "COLOSSEUM" en 2020.

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