Cotton Candy cw / IKENAI

  1. Cotton Candy
  2. Cotton Candy (Karaoke)
  4. IKENAI (Karaoke)

Chorus:Rie Tanaka
Arranged:Takahiro Hosoki
Produced by BULGE (Rie Tanaka & Takahiro Hosoki)
Recorded at Studio Apollony - On 10th/October/2016 & 24th/December/2016
Recorded:Tetsuya Kouda
Mixed:Takahiro Hosoki

Hikari Nakamura

I liked singing from childhood. I was showing off songs I learned on TV programs for children to my family. I wanted a chance to sing, and when I was a junior high school student, I entered a local theatrical company. When I was a high school student, I was a director of the theater department at a high school. I was dedicating youth to the theater department. Woke up to the song in earnest when I was a vocational school student. I entered at an actor course and I was learning songwriting in a selected lesson. I am glad that I can write songwriting, and then I got into the world of music. After my own music activities, I finally decided to debut this time. 1.Cotton Candy (Music & Lyrics:Rie Tanaka & Takahiro Hosoki) (JASRAC:22390782) " The time I spent with you was like a sweet sweet cotton candy. The irreplaceable time suddenly disappeared. I played a lonely heart.It is a bitter pop tune. " 2.IKENAI (Music & Lyrics:Hikari Nakamura) " Want to do, what you want to achieve, there are lots of things you want. Nevertheless, I can not quite escape from my usual way, as usual as usual. Lyrics expressing such unbearable feelings. Fresh songs. It is a song that exquisitely matches. "

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