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Electric Town is an anthem for Akihabara - the center of the otaku universe. Akiba, as it's known to locals, has long since been the beating heart of geek culture in Japan. A place where you can be whatever your heart desires, and enjoy all that Japan's pop culture has to offer. 'Electric Town' is about having a place you can go, to truly be yourself free from anyone's judgment.

Brought to life by Twitch Streamer and Cosplayer Kaho Shibuya, 'Electric Town' is a dance-floor filler inspired by European EDM, J-pop, and anison.

Akihabara was hit hard by the effects of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Many of the area's homegrown indie stores and cafes shut their doors as a result of the sudden lack of tourists.
Even so, Akiba will not go down without a fight. Its people and their passion will keep Akiba alive. 'Electric Town' is a rallying cry for everyone, from idols to maids, cosplayers to anison DJ's, to follow the lights; the Electric Town is waiting.

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Electric Town

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