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VCinema Theme song of Oda Doshikai Seiji Oda starring Koji MatobaMelody that cuts a raging wind with the theme of male friendship
Tsutomu Sakamoto
Singer Composer Lyricist Actor Talent
Born in Aichi Prefecture on January 24
Taking the singer life 35th anniversary in 2018 as an actor,taking on the challenge of film, stage, drama, etcTsuto Sakamotos document program Lonely Rockn Roller will be broadcast on Wowow Plus Kayo Pops Channel for 7 weeks from March 2019 Announced 21 CDs including music distribution
The debut song is Hesitate (insert song from TBS Tokoros Wah WahBoo Boo)
CM appearance in the role of Gin of Hudson Game Momotaro Electric Railway

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • United States • TOP 33 • 5 May 2023

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