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White Snow on Mt. Haku

Seeds of Earth





今までつけてきた 泥やほこりを






今咲いたよ 真白でかれんな 花が





今までつけてきた 罪や穢れを






今生まれたよ 暖かい桃色の 愛が



溶けた雪玉が 蒸発するように




心の底から湧きだす 笑顔なんだよ

  • Lyricist

    Kaiga Chiyo

  • Composer

    Kaiga Chiyo

OTONOWA 1 Front Cover

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    Seeds of Earth

Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth"

The reason for the formation of "Music of the Plants, Seeds of Earth":

Piano & Vocal Chiyo Kaiga, who co-starred for the first time as an improvisational music team at a dance event, and Djembe & Vocal Kackey@dabigtree reunited to thank the earth. In November 2017, he formed "Music of the Plants, Seeds of Earth" with the recording of "Thanks to the Earth" (written and composed by Chiyo Kaiga).
Kackey@dabigtree's wild taste, which makes use of a wide range of musical experiences such as heavy metal, gospel and reggae bands, while Chiyo Kaiga's piano and soprano voice, who are from classical piano and have experienced pops, jazz, soul bands, etc. A unique combination of powerful singing voice and African jazz is mysteriously fused, and a unique world view that is unique and fascinates people. Both are good at improvisational music, and also write, compose, and arrange. He loves nature and spins poems and sounds with messages inspired by the sun, moon, stars, wind, water, sea, earth, and space.

Encounter with Music of the plants:
The encounter with Music of the plants originated in January 2017 when Chiyo Kaiga was introduced to a device developed by the company "Solera" in Damanhur, Northern Italy, that converts the bioelectric potential of plants into the sound of a synthesizer. Visited Damanhur, Northern Italy. She was struck by the forest temple "Diamantel", where she played the most important Mother Tree and the first botanical music concert and became a hot topic. In February of the same year, Japan's first concert in collaboration with Music of the Plant was held. Even after the formation of Seeds of Earth, Music of the Plants became one of the main axes of their music and named it "Music of the Plants, Seeds of Earth". Seeds of Earth has been introduced by Solera, Italy as an official Music of the Plants artist on its platform, and is popular overseas, especially in Europe.

Seeds of Earth's music that is popular in a wide range of fields:
Somehow nostalgic and soothing music is loved by many people at home and abroad, Sri Lanka Japan friendship theme song, radio drama theme song, insert song, radio program theme song, stage music, corporate image song, sports theme song, promotion video BGM, etc. It is used in a wide range of fields.

The long-awaited new albums "OTONOWA 1" and "OTONOWA 2" have been released !:
*"OTONOWA" means Harmony of Sound.
Seeds of Earth has become a treasure trove of sounds that have overflowed endlessly since its formation, and with full satisfaction from the 1st album "A Gift from the Forest" released in 2017, the 2nd album "OTONOWA 1" and the 3rd album "OTONOWA 2 "will be released at once! Contains all 15 songs.
In this album, in addition to the members of the Seeds of Earth, various guest musicians such as Native American flute, Shinobue (Japanese transverse bamboo flute), Sanshin, and guitar fuse the sounds, and the "harmony of sounds" spreads and breaks new ground.

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White Snow on Mt. Haku

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  • Seeds of Earth

    Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth" released 1st Album [A Gift from the Forest] !! Piano & Vocal Chiyo Kaiga African Djembe & Vocal Kackey@dabigtree Let's listen to the voice of the earth... Profile: Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth" The plant music unit "Seed of Earth", formed in the fall of 2017, is a duo of piano & vocal Chiyo Kaiga, African djembe & vocal Kackey@dabigtree (known as his nickname "Kackey"). Each is a singer-songwriter who combines European-born pianos, African drums and mixed vocals to create music from the inspiration felt by all things in the world. They are also good at improvising to create music on the spot, using the device of Music of the Plants called "Bamboo" developed in northern Italy, and they do session with the music of the plants as if talking with them. Based in Kansai area of Japan, they have been performing at various places in Japan and overseas, including performances at shrines and temples such as Izanagi Jingu Shrine and Todaiji Temple, etc.

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