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Body Meets Dress" is the first ep in 4 years by the alternative rock band Blume popo. After a hiatus and resumption of their activities, Blume popo has drastically changed their form, and this album may be called the first ep of the second chapter of Blume popo's work.

One of the characteristics of Blume popo's second chapter is that composer Yokota is based in Dusseldorf, Germany, while the other members are based in Japan, The influence of Germany's real-time music culture can be seen in the fourth track, "Manasashi".
Blume popo has always interpreted elements of electronic music in their own way and put them into a post-rock context, with Dubstep-like beats in "Warau Tsuki" from the 2019 release "Umi to Dokuyaku" and DrumNBASS-like beats in "Millenarianism" from 2020's "Apocalypsis", now with the new album In "Body Meets Dress," the chopped vocals used in "NEW SKIN" and the glitch-core arrangement of "Manazashi" reveal their further devotion to electronic music. However, the sound is still a band ensemble, and in songs such as "Boyhood" and "Tougenkyou," you can experience the gems of alternative sound that they have been accumulating up to now. Behind the sound makeup of Blume popo is their engineer, Yuhei Tamura, who has been supporting the band since its formation.

The theme of "Body Meets Dress" is about self-identity and the ego. Their question is, "To what extent am I "I" and what defines me? One symbol for this question is "NEW SKIN," the "Manasashi" of others, the original experience of "boyhood," and the place of longing that lies beyond these questions is "Togenkyo".
There is an artist who had a great influence on Blume popo in creating this theme. The title "Body Meets Dress" is a reference to her work.
The cover work is by Taichi Hishikawa, a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. The image on the cover, shimmering in the ambiguous light, seems to symbolize Blume popo's philosophy.
With shoegaze and alternative as its backbone, Blume popo's unwavering, unique soundscape that it has acquired over its eight-year career has been further refined on this work, and listeners will receive the work with a higher resolution than ever before. And you will immediately feel that Blume popo's philosophy wrapped up in its expression has become stronger and firmer.

We confidently declare that this work will be one that will lead an era in the Japanese alternative scene.

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