Big Dam

  1. Guitar Boy, Guitar Girl
  2. Good Morning
  3. Tropical Paradise
  4. Cruising -with Columbo and Poirot-
  5. Starlight Syncopation
  6. Reading The Magic Mountain By The Sea
  7. Treasure Island
  8. Guitar Concerto No1 in D Winter Gift
  9. Waltz of December
  10. Serenade
  11. The Door
  12. TEKIPAKI -Clean Your Room-

Big Dam full of music
90's noisy guitar rock "Guitar Boy, Guitar Girl"
short bossa nova "Good Morning"
relaxing & danceable tropical house resort pops "Tropical Paradise"
anti murder acoustic pop "Cruising (with Columbo and Poirot)"
featuring sitar & tabla romantic raga jazz "Starlight Syncopation"
late 70's Grateful Dead style laid back latin rock "Reading The Magic Mountain By The Sea"
south pacific adventure tropical house "Treasure Island"
brilliant and heroic winter waltz "Guitar Concerto No1 in D Winter Gift"
jazz waltz featuring MSX PSG sounds "Waltz of December"
lo-fi acoustic with synth "Serenade"
mysterious electric funk detective song "The Door"
minimum beats and sentimental melody "TEKIPAKI (Clean Your Room)"

the guitar plus me

Yoichi Shiozawa a.k.a. the guitar plus me since 2000

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