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Ninomiya tatsuki, a track maker who has been actively releasing new tracks, releases a new lo-fi instrumental track "stroll" on the "Jutsu-no-ana" label.
The song is sentimental, but not too dark, and the warm, floating beat gives listeners a sense of calmness and comfort.
ninomiya tatsuki is a Niigata-based track maker.
His album "trial and error" was released in March 2022 and has been on many charts,
It was included in the large official playlist "lofi beats" (4.97 million followers) on Spotify.
Since 2018, he has released albums on labels such as PROGRESSIVE FOrM, Otherman Records, fumin. and DREAM CATALOGUE,
In 2021, he released two albums on the beatmaker label "XXX//PEKE//XXX".
While releasing his works on the Internet, he has been exposed to various genres of music, sublimating them within himself and continuing his activities with the theme of creating sounds from his spiritual world and mental images.

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