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Engaging in diverse activities, including providing music and sound production services for various artists, composer Ganbare Masashige has unveiled his inaugural VOCALOID track, "Gambling With My Life feat. Natsuki Karin."

Known for his extensive contributions, spanning from composing to sound production, to a myriad of artists, Ganbare Masashige personally helmed the composition to mastering of this release. The result is a dynamic speed house track featuring Natsuki Karin's vibrant and introspective vocals, with a distinctive sound design influenced by the awareness of the club scene.

Set as the entry song for the "Rookie" category at the "The VOCALOID Collection 2024 Winter" event on Nico Nico Douga starting February 22, 2024, the track will be complemented by a music video crafted by Ganbare Masashige himself, premiering exclusively on the same date.

Ganbare Masashige
Composer, Arranger, Vocalist, DJ

Born on January 21, 1996, in Fukuoka.

Started his music career in 2013 as the vocalist and composer for the band "Mercy Personality !s Dark" and currently engages in various activities, providing music and arrangement services for different artists alongside band activities.

In 2021, received the Tower Records Recommended Annual Award for Kobayashi Watashi's 1st album "Falling into Illness," which he arranged and mastered.

In 2022, unexpectedly ventured into a DJ career, releasing various works under labels such as STMPD RECORDS. Successfully secured a spot in the Japan tour of DJ OOTORO, further expanding the scope of his activities.

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Gamble With Mylife

iTunes Store • Anime TOP SONGS • Sweden • TOP 3 • 21 Mar 2024

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  • Ganbare Masashige

    ■がんばれまさしげ/Ganbare Masashige Composer,Arrenger,Vocalist,DJ 1996年1月21日、福岡にて生まれる。 2013年よりバンド「Mercy Personality !s Dark」のボーカリスト・コンポーザーとして音楽活動のキャリアをスタートし、現在はバンド活動の傍ら様々なアーティストへの楽曲提供や編曲等を行っている。 2021年には自身が編曲やレコーディング・ミックスマスタリング等を手掛けた、小林私の1stアルバム「健康を患う」がタワレコメン年間アワードを受賞。 そして2022年 突然DJとしてのキャリアをスタートするや否や、STMPD RECORDS等のレーベルから様々な作品をリリースするDJ OOTOROの来日公演への出演を果たす等、活動の幅を徐々に広げている。

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