Everybody Go So!! (Rework) [Chibanyan Remix]

  1. Everybody Go So!! (Rework) [Chibanyan Remix]

A new remix of "Everybody Go So!! (Rework)" is out now!

A song that became the biggest hit in the 20th century, and was once remixed on March 2019, by Japan's No.1 event produce group "*Groovy workshop." and Japanese reggae singer "OBA-P" .

This newest version is remixed by Chibanyan, track maker of "Represent Chikyu / Fucking Rabbits" who has 2million Youtube subscribers , and "Ii nami notten NIGHT / Fucking Rabbits" .

This remix is different from the original reggae version, and has a heavy beat of EDM that will shake the floor.

*Groovy workshop.

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