1. Zeijaku

Payao: Songwriting vocal. Taisho (Arashi, JUJU, etc.) as an arranger, Hiroshi Nimiya (foxcapture plan, etc.) as an MV director, Sho Uehara (Every Little thing, etc.) as an engineer, other actors and calligraphers, and other artists and teams, Create high-quality works through collaboration. Sophisticated modern POPS with a variety of sounds, such as Jazz, EDM, and band sounds, spun with unique senses, catchy melody lines, and colorful singing voices.

In September 2018, 1st Album [Grasshopper] was announced, spread on SNS, became a hot topic, 16,000 Twitter followers, and MV recorded over 50,000 views on youtube.

This new Payao's new work is "fragile"
Music from the 2nd album [SIDE CAR] released on the same day. An up-tempo number that includes the message "Strength is not to throw away weakness but to accept weakness".


Payao: Activated in 2018. Payao provides original music and MV. Along with collaboration artists (family), Payao introduce the production process and works on the official site.

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