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The music video for the song "Datura no Kajitsu" depicting a forbidden love between adults has been completed. Lyrics: Tsutomu / Eiruna Fujita Composition: Tsutomu Guitar: Hideaki Imai Bass: okamu. Arrangement: okamu. MV Production: Zyaapfa Recording Studio: Overwork Studio This song portrays a forbidden love between adults. okamu., known for working with various artists such as Aimer, LUNA HARUNA, and Kohmi Hirose, is in charge of the arrangement and bass. The guitar is played by Hideaki Imai, supported by guitarists Tsunetoshi Kikuchi, Kazuma Kikuchi, and Nobutaka Okubo (ex something else). The composition is by Tsutomu, with lyrics co-written by Tsutomu and Eiruna Fujita, who also contribute to the chorus.

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LINE MUSIC • ミュージックビデオ Top 100 デイリー • Japan • TOP 1 • 30 Jun 2023 LINE MUSIC • ミュージックビデオ Top 100 リアルタイム • Japan • TOP 1 • 30 Jun 2023 LINE MUSIC • ミュージックビデオ Top 100 ウィークリー • Japan • TOP 6 • 4 Jul 2023

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  • Tsutomu

    A singer-songwriter originally from Saga Prefecture, known for her powerful and transparent vocals combined with percussive guitar playing. After moving to Tokyo in 2008, she formed a unit and released an album, before transitioning to a solo career in 2011. She has been actively performing at resort hotels, outdoor events, cafes, and live houses. In June 2013, she released her first single, "Magnet Switch," followed by her second single, "LOVE POP," in July 2015. In November of that same year, she was inducted into the hall of fame of J-WAVE 81.3FM radio's "MUSIC HYPER MARKET," selected by listener votes among numerous artists. In November 2016, she drew an audience of over 100 people to her one-man live at Live In Buddy in Tokyo. In October 2017, she released her first album, "Pop'n Rock," for which she wrote all the lyrics and music, with recording and arrangement by EXILE's sound producer, Takashi Iwato. In May 2019, she achieved great success with a one-man live at Nerima Culture Center Tsutsuji Hall, drawing an audience of over 300 people. Her second album, "NEXT," was released in November 2022. Her singles and albums are currently available for streaming and download. In December 2019, her song "Ryuuseigun" ranked 91st on Apple Music's "J-Pop Top Songs" in Afghanistan. In February 2021, her first album, "Pop'n Rock," ranked 38th on Apple Music's "J-Pop Top Albums" in the United States, and in July 2021, it ranked 139th on iTunes Store's "J-Pop Top Albums" in Japan. In December 2022, her fourth single, "Ameagari no Sayonara," topped the daily and weekly charts on Oricon Music Store, and in February 2023, the music video for "Ameagari no Sayonara" topped the daily and weekly charts on LINE MUSIC. As for media appearances, she has appeared on J-WAVE, Radio Tokyo, Radio Nippon, RKK Kumamoto Radio, NHK Saga, FM Saga, TV Asahi Event Space UMU, and more. She has performed live at various venues, including Ion Malls, Mitsui Fudosan-affiliated shopping malls, TV Asahi Event Space UMU, Jiyugaoka Megami Matsuri, and school performances.

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