Ame no hi + feel Front Cover


Welcome back


ずっと気を張って頑張ってたんだね 言わなくても わかるんだよ

だって君は僕で僕は君だよ だからわかるんだよ

ふと力が抜けてしまったね でもこうしてまた会えたから

おかえり おかえり ずっと待ってたんだよ  君が君でいられる場所

おかえり こんなに 近いところにあったんだ   いつでも僕はここにいる

でもまた元気になったらきっと 僕のことは忘れちゃうだろ

それはそれでいいことだけど  ここを忘れないで

部屋はいつでもここにあるけど 鍵はあなたの心の底

じゃあまた じゃあまた ずっと待ってるから  君が君でいていい場所

じゃあまた 君が僕に気づくその時  それまで僕はここにいる

探しても見つからないよ 素直になった時 裸になった時 この扉は現れるから

おかえり おかえり  ずっと待ってたんだよ   君が君でいられる場所

おかえり こんなに  近いところにあったんだ  いつでも僕はここにいる


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Ame no hi + feel Front Cover

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    Welcome back


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    Ambiguous vessel


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The 10th album, released by Keiichiro Mori, Japanese Singer-song writer. The main arranger is Takashi Machida, and lots of famous musicians perform to express Keiichiro Mori's sound. Track 9 'Ambiguous vessel', arranged by BARZ, shows us further expanded sounds of Keiichiro Mori. The Jacket, also
designed and painted by BARZ, is made by exposing it to the rain directly. This design makes us feel obediently warm and sharp because of the power of nature. The bonus track 'feel' is only available on the internet distribution.

Artist Profile

  • KeiichiroMori

    The singer-songwriter, born and raised in the town with rich nature. In high school, he had a great interest in the guitar, and developed a strong inclination to play music. At the age of 25, he released his first album and had the nationwide live tour in Japan for the first time. 2nd August 2012 : he went on the coast-to-coast live tour in America. He also toured Taiwan and Korea with the guitar in 2018. He has published two books and released 15 CDs. He has traveled to many countries like Nepal and India, Cuba, etc. During his travels, he conveys his 'feelings', 'coloring' and 'sights' through his songs to many people with his soulful voice.

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