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"Cinema-ish" is an album composed of a diverse range of music that recreates a non-existent movie scene, encompassing the drama, suspense, romance, action, and thrilling adventures that one would experience in a film.

In this album, you can fully immerse yourself in the enchanting magic of cinematic music. The unique melodies created by a variety of instruments evoke the grandeur of a movie theater screen, transporting you to a captivating world that ignites your imagination.

Through a hybrid blend of acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, this album weaves together the exhilarating intensity of action scenes and the beautiful melodies of fantastical moments, leaving a resounding impact on your heart.

Immerse yourself in these tracks that encapsulate various emotions and adventures, and bring the magic of movies into your daily life.

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iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 2 • 22 Apr 2024

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