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Vocal duo BREATHE will release their 2nd ALBUM on June 12, 2024! ! Prior to that, the cover song Sakuraame will be released in advance.
Kiyoshi Matsuo, who also produced BREATHE, is participating in the production of the original (JUJU).

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP SONGS • Turkey • TOP 9 • 18 Feb 2024

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    A unit consisting of Satoshi Miyata and Kazuya Tada, two finalists of "EXILE Presents Vocal Battle Audition 2 ~To Young People with Dreams~" held in 2010. Kiyoshi Matsuo, a leading figure in the R&B scene in Japan and the lyricist/composer/producer of EXILE's ``Lovers Again'' and ``Ti Amo,'' as well as Toshinobu Kubota and JUJU, says, ``I want to listen to music that I've subconsciously wanted to listen to.'' Highly appreciating their talent, they said, ``The charm of these two is that they can sing songs that can be released to the world at any time.'' They made their major debut in 2011 with ``Gokeki/White Lies,'' produced by Kiyoshi Matsuo Sound. BREATHE means "to breathe" or "to breathe." The song conveys the meaning of ``keep singing with the determination that singing and breathing will become the same thing.''

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