The Frogs' Chorus

  1. Opening
  2. Pull The Trigger
  4. The War To End War
  5. Life Goes On

This is the first EP by THE PHROCKS.
These songs have a powerful sound and a melody that resonates in your heart.
It contains a variety of musical pieces including danceable, emotional, and screaming unity, and a magnificent ballad.

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The Frogs' Chorus

iTunes Store • ロック トップアルバム • 日本 • 140位 • 2020年2月1日


they are a four-man rock band formed in Sapporo, Japan, in 2018. Their songs feature melodies that grab the hearts of listeners and powerful singing voice. These four people's performances are very compatible and have a profound sound. Their songs are diverse and incorporate a sense of speed, a sense of unity, a danceable element. The genre is pop punk and alternative rock. February 2020, The first EP with four songs was released. It is sold at live venues and various music distribution sites. Delivery in progress.

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