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Rapper Shirafu released their first 1st EP "4laugh".
Includes four "laughs" expressed in life-size and wide musicality.
Shirafu's humanity will feel gentler when it's hard.

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iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 16 • 14 Nov 2023 Apple Music • Hip-Hop/Rap Top Albums • Japan • TOP 121 • 6 Mar 2024

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Spotify • The Pulse of J-Rap • 17 Mar 2024

Artist Profile

  • shirafu

    Born in Shimane Prefecture in 1999. He began rapping in Shimane Prefecture and is currently based in Tokyo. When he was in high school, his friend recommended "tofubeats" and "PUNPEE" to him, which led him to listen to HIPHOP and digital tunes. In addition, most of his youth consisted of video games and anime, which is strongly reflected in his current musicality. He started his music career in earnest as a form of self-expression after suffering from depression at work when he had just started working. In the "NIKKEI RAP LIVE VOICE," a competition in which people rap about what they want to appeal to society, he was awarded the first champion for his song depicting the anguish of the new working experience he suffered. Rather than glorifying past traumas and painful experiences, he express their true emotions and dorky parts in their life-sized music.His music features a wide range of familiar melody lines, from fast-paced pop to mellow. Shirafu is gloomy with no self-confidence, but he continues to make music today because he is willing to do whatever it takes to make someone laugh with his music. He is not a big fan of loud people and washing clothes. Loves everyone who listens to his music.

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