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Let me say Hello

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The first mini-album [Let me say Hello]by Yumizawa (18)

Released at the same time as her high school graduation. It is a piece of self-introduction that condenses the current YumiZawa into a tight package.

A fledgling artist. I will carve out my story from here! Let me greet you again, everyone in Yumizawa's group and all of you who are just starting to meet me! The title was chosen with the thought that the album would be released at the same time as her graduation from high school. It is a CD that is like my business card! It is a CD like I've filled it with my first Yumizawa list."

Six songs are included in this album. All the songs have different tunes and make you feel like you are on an adventure. She is 18 years old with tremendous energy. We will keep an eye on her activities to see how they will expand in the future.

Artist Profile

  • Yumizawa

    Yumizawa (February 25, 2006) is a Japanese musician, musician, TV personality, and poetry artist. Born in Saitama Prefecture. He is 153 cm tall and his blood type is O. From positive music tone to the world of acoustic guitar. Activity motto: "Creating a fun space with everyone" / Catchphrase: "Thank you for riding with us. Let's travel together! by Yumizawa YUMIZAWORLD Secretariat

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